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Pinnacle P1 vrs RHA T20

  1. 13gsc13
    I have 1-More triple driver and like them but looking for another pair of iem's that are more neutral and balanced
    I would like to have the mids just slightly forward - older ears
    I listen to mainly Country music and 70's rock
    Has anyone listened to these 2 iem's and can give me some opinions
    It would be appreciated
  2. Colors
    I've owned and listened to the P1 and while I say they have good sound extension on both ends (sub-bass and upper treble), the vocals are a bit recessed. It has a slight V-shape so I wouldn't called them balanced.

    I haven't heard the RHA T20 before but I hope this helps!
  3. Crazyflyinpanda
    I own the p1 as of now and i second that it has a slight v-shape. As far as i know most rhas have a v-shape as well and iirc the rha 20 continues this trend. Hope this helps at least a little!
    Last edited: May 18, 2018

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