Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part IX]
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Originally Posted by xnothingpoetic /img/forum/go_quote.gif
And here is my retro md player-
I had to take it a part, which is why the screws aren't back in yet

Sure brings back memories, I used to have one of those many years ago...
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My rig!

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I only discovered this site a few months ago but I thought I would post my beginner gear.

These are my Koss KSC-75s with my new 80gb iPod Classic (Christmas was awesome


All my gear (thanks to everyone here)! The AD700's clearly aren't for my portable rig - if it can even be called that - but I love them so much so I had to put them in a picture!


I'm sorry for the poor image quality, I only have a webcam. I'd love to know where people think I should be heading with my equipment. I am currently planning on Kramer Modding the KSC-75s, recabling them, and placing them in an opened up Sony MDR-V150. I am also considering building a CMOY because I'd love to try an amplifier and it just looks like a lot of fun to build one!

Thanks again everyone!
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Originally Posted by nismo96 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I like that charging setup. The custom paint job on the DS is pretty cool too.

Vinyl skin from ^^


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What kind of amp is that? Maybe a MisterX?

go-vibe 5


Originally Posted by cyberspyder /img/forum/go_quote.gif
What DS? Only thing I see is an SP...?

check the wooden charge stand on the right

Points to anyone who can name all devices, including the small ones
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Nice setup! The R4 (or something similar) is practically a must-have for any DS owner, and likewise with the various PSP custom firmwares. They add so much functionality to the device it's crazy. And Kudos for the Nokia n800, I have a 770 and it's the most awesome portable for browsing the internet ever.

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