Pico DAC problem. Help!
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Dec 20, 2008
Hi guys,

So currently I have the pico dac only. I am connecting them via RCA Interconnects to a separate headphone amp and also connect them to my powered speakers (Audioengine a5) through the 1/8 output.

I did this for the first time today and found that even when the volume on my A5s is completely turned down, I still hear music. And, the gain is so high that when I increase the volume on my speakers slightly, it becomes really loud. Not enough, and there is channel imbalance. This doesn't allow me to listen to a fairly quiet/ambiance volume because of the channel imbalance.

Is there a way I can remedy this problem?

If anyone knows, that would be awesome!
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I'm a bit skeptical that the Pico DAC is the problem here. I mean, it might be. However, your description reminds me a bit of my own experience with the Audioengine 5. As you describe, the A5 doesn't have the best volume control; I had the exact same issue with audible sound when the volume knob was turned all the way down on mine too. I always suspected that my own suffered from a channel imbalance too. FWIW, my own Pico DAC served as the source for my A5 system for some time, and I got along alright with its idiosyncrasies. Of course, it's possible that my aforementioned problems may not have been as serious as yours.

I wish I could be of more help.
I'm really not sure what you could do yourself, except e-mail Audioengine or HeadAmp. I'd look to the A5 for trouble first though.

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