pick 1, westone 1 or klipsch custom 3?
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Jan 20, 2007
i'll be getting a new pair, im trying to choose between the 2 so guys help me out, if anyone of you already compared the 2 please give some input on which is is better. fit, built sound quality, etc.. thanks in advance guys!
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Aug 17, 2009
Never heard the Westone so I won't comment on it, but I was underwhelmed by the Custom 3.

Custom 3
Build- Solid, no complaints. All plastic and I don't think it would survive being stepped on, but I think you could drop it from pretty high with it only receiving cosmetic damage.

Fit- Poor. Now this is only my experience & they probably fit others wonderfully. Universal IEMs can be finicky creatures and I couldn't keep a good seal. The only tips that came close were the largest but I couldn't get them inserted far enough into my ear canals. I'm a fairly big guy so your experience may be different. Make sure you buy from a store with a good return policy. I did find the molded wire helpful.

Sound Quality- It was good when I got a proper seal which was usually acheived by me pressing on them. The bass was definitely present though not as tight as I like it. The mids were very good IMO. Vocals sounded great along with acoustic guitar. The treble was passable. It was somewhat veiled as I think the goal for this IEM was "fun" with the bass emphasis. Not nearly as crisp as it should be.

The sound quality was good, but it simply didn't justify the $300 price point.

Others will do this if I don't so I need to ask: What music do you listen to?
Why is between these two IEM's? From what I've read there are better at this price point. I won't recommend as I haven't heard them myself, but others will be able to. Don't forget about used. IEM's should last for years. A 1 year old IEM my be just through it's burn-in period. I've bought used at head-fi a few times and they've always been good experiences.

What's your actual price point? Knowing this will allow the gurus here to suggest other IEM's that will probably sound better for the music you listen to with the money you can spend.

Hope this helps.

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