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Philips SHL9700 £17 wasted

  1. 396629
    Coundn't resist buying these on Amazon for £17 as they looked great and Philips headphones seem to have a good reputation at the moment.
    Receivds them and they do indeed look stylish and well made and are very comfortable but...
    I plugged them to let them burn in but was suprised that I could here them from the next room ! This was with the cushions compressed over a speakes I thought these were closed headphones but they leak almost as much as much sound as my DT990 Pros. 
    Next listening to some music on my D33 Walkman (a great source) I played Tom Waits' beautiful song 'Alice' and was suprised to hear  sibilance on Tom's vocals, Lots of tssses on the esses which was really grating. Just to make sure I wasnt  mistaken  I listened to the song on other phones including the bright sounding DT990s and they were fine just a little sharp and my MX980 earbuds were buttery smooth. 
    So what we have here is a 'portable' (they're actually less compact than they look) beutifully styled headphone that leaks sound like a sieve and is almost unlistenable, at least on some songs. I cant believe some places in the UK charge £60  for these, 
    These are the first phones I've purchased that serve no purpose at all.
    My advice to anyone considering these is to just buy some PortaPros as these actually leak less sound and sound miles better.
    Style over substance indeed
  2. 396629
    Another bit of advice on buying these just cut off the cable and you have a very stylish pair of ear warmers for a great price !
  3. 396629
    Didn't think I ever would but I think I've just purchased something even worse than these.
    The Audio Technica ATH-ON300 bought for £8.
    Unless they improve dramatically with burning in I think these are possibly the worst I've head. As close to zero bass you can get whilst still having some and a generally weird and synthetic sound like listening to some musicians playing at a great distance in some giant echo chamber. I'll see if they improve.
    A shame as they are neat & discrete(in black) little things but I suppose you can't expect miracles
  4. 396629
    Did not improve but thankfully could return them.

    Can only think they were faulty as Audio Technica couldnt produce a product as terrible as these.

    In the unlikely event you are reading this I would suggest you avoid these.

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