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Phil Larocco is leaving Triad Audio

    This is from an email I received last night and have permission to post it. in Phil's words.
    "it finally happened!! Brad, TRIAD AUDIO and myself are going our separate ways As of Aug. 1, 2014 I Philip La-Rocco Will no longer be associated with Brad Taylor or TRIAD Audio. Any Products he manufactures after that date was not by my Hand so I can not be held liable for any TRIAD AUDIO issues technical or otherwise. He can still have made Products that TRIAD AUDIO now sells however all new designs Including but not limited to the L4 are not allowed to be manufactured by TRIAD AUDIO. I Philip La-Rocco am the origenial author of the LISA III,L3,LISA HOME,HEADCODE and VALVECODE and since I do not have A signed contract with Brad these are technically still my property also, however due to TRIAD Audio's Investment in the LISA III, L3,L3.1,VALVECODE and HEADCODE I will allow him to continue with these models, I will however be under no Obligation to provide technical support or service of any kind on TRIAD AUDIO Products. August 1st 2014 is the last day I, Philip La-Rocco will not be connected with TRIAD AUDIO in any way."
  2. achristilaw Contributor
    Phil didn't happen to mention with whom he might be hitching his wagon with? Did he? I have a Lisa, X/P, L3 and Headcode. Been waiting forever (and a day) for a Valvecode.
    I like Brad a bunch but the execution of the L3 kind of turned me off. I had to engineer a bridge and make rigid the RCA inlet. I had to replace the volume pot.... etc. 
  3. Remitrom
    Yep, Phil and I remain friends however have no further obligations to each other.
    Triad Audio LLC obligations have always been my responsibility, so nothing there has changed.
    I am proceeding to complete several of Phil's designs that have been mentioned (R&D for years)
    with other engineers in USA  No-one will be happier than myself to have a whole line of products available
    . ( no pre-payments taken.). 
    * Geez achristlaw, I didn't know I let you down so bad.,
    At least your stuf is still all working and can be fixed if/when something goes bad.
    Alps pots can be cleaned in place, no excuse for week connections though...(.Corrected )
    Brad Taylor / Triad Audio

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