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Dec 5, 2004
So who is listening to this? It was released back in 1999 and I have heard the song, "Simon Says" before, but this entire album is pretty awesome. Its always nice to discover an older album that you missed when nothing recent has peaked your interest to much. If you like the hiphop I do have to say check this out
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The remix for Simon Says is one of my favorites .. especially Busta's verse ... " Busta Rhymes is like Hacksaw Jim Duggan, been Thuggin ... " .. I always crack up at that part.

He's working on a new album that should come out sometime this year, looking forward to that.

Also might want to get some Organized Konfusion tapes to hear that old 90's style of rap .. quite a difference from his Internal Affairs album.
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I just looked up online cuz I seriously want to buy a hard copy. for new 75 bucks!!! nuts dude. I think I'll hold out. Binary Star used to go for like 80, but then Silla made a reprint so they sell for sane prices
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Yea, Monch is top 10 all time, IMO. Internal Affairs was pretty good, but not nearly as good as his days with OK. Pick up Organized Konfusion's debut, if you don't have it. Anyway, the guy is really overlooked, which is unfortunate.

And I know what you mean about those expensive albums. I wanted to pick up Soul on Ice and it's like $60...

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