Path Forward from u12ts and Hugo 2
Sep 23, 2023 at 7:15 PM Post #2 of 2
Get a R2R DAP like Luxury Precision P6/Hiby RS6/RS8, which gives a different kind of music presentation. More relaxed but not losing the technicality.

I am keeping my U12t as it pairs very well with my Calyx M, comfortable to wear and a solid reference IEM for checking detail and mix. I do find it a bit bland and on the boring side sometimes compare to Phonix.

If you want to try another level of detail and speed, try electrostatic IEM, like Stax SRM001/2, or Shure KSE.

Check out these two threads, I discovered quite a few things in there. Maybe get an IEM with a complementary tuning to U12T, like Trifecta, Vision Ear Elysium, etc.

Or you can go lo-fi, get a cassette deck, make mixtape and listen to them. Or mini-disk.
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