Pat Metheny Group - "The Way Up"
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Apr 3, 2004
I've been a Pat Metheny fan for years...since around '83 or '84...I've seen every tour since '84 & own most of his material, be it with his "Group" or on other "solo" ventures.

I've been sitting here listening to "The Way Up" on some good cans and was just so moved, so into it, so emotionally involved that I felt compelled to post. I have to say that this is some of the finest music to ever grace this 38-year-olds' ears...and no brag here, but that is truly saying a lot.

It is sounding particularly good out of my headphone fact, pretty much all Metheny benefits from a good headphone setup. The music is so finely detailed that you hear something new on almost every listen.

If you've never heard any Metheny, go spend 15 bucks at Best Buy on "The Way Up". The recording is conceived as 68 minutes of continuous music (one "song") divided into four parts. You more than likely will not "get it" on the first listen, but you will be rewarded many times over with each subsequent listen.

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