Panorama 3D headphone acoustic modeler
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V5 stand for 5th generation of plugins. Those are new (dec 2005), but also new generation, as far as i understand.

Will try it today...
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Been demoing this plugin for a while (with Winamp, Foobar, MYMP3PRO and some music creation software) and it seems to be an excellent product, if you're looking features like Panorama offers.


Binaural virtual acoustics processor plug-in for VST, MAS, Audio Units, RTAS, and DirectX host applications.

Go beyond the limitations of conventional stereo, without using a surround system!

Panorama is a specialized tool for creating stunningly realistic 3-D audio scenes using regular stereo sound. The DSP technology in Panorama reproduces psychoacoustic sound localization and distance cues, allowing you to pan sounds in three dimensions: not just left and right, but up, down, front, back, near, and far. Panorama combines 3-D audio panning with acoustic environment modeling, including wall reflections, reverberation, distance modeling, and the Doppler pitch effect. While primarily intended for headphone listening, Panorama also includes a crosstalk canceller for playback over conventional stereo loudspeakers.

* Position and move sound in three dimensions
* Uses Head-Related Transfer Functions (HRTF) to reproduce binaural sound localization cues.
* Integrated reverberation and distance cues
* Extensive control over dimensions and surface material of all six surfaces of the room
* Doppler pitch effect
* Full automation support for creating moving sounds
* Crosstalk canceller for loudspeaker playback



* Create realistic sound scenes
* Make special 3-D and moving sound effects in conventional stereo productions
* Unique mixing tool - position musical instruments in a virtual space
* Podcasting production - Add an amazing sense of 3-D space to podcast audio
* Essential tool for headphone audio production

FYI, there are a Panorama demo (30 day) and some demo sounds available @ WaveArts site.

To get the Panorama working with Winamp or/and Foobar, you need

for VST -version of Panorama
- a "VST Host DSP for Winamp" plugin for both Winamp and Foobar

for DX -version of Panorama
- DirectX Host DSP for WinAmp - (like Adapt-X (shareware, for WMP too) or FFX-4 (freeware)

-and the bridge plugin for winamp DSP for Foobar (to get Winamp plugins into use on Foobar)

being installed on your system.


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