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pair of active speakers 1oo € - no boomy bass or pierced higs - similar beoplay h6 or yamaha hs 50

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by Dany91, Aug 22, 2018.
  1. Dany91
    Hello. You can tell me a pair of active speakers (to listen with the fiiox1, so not with dac-dap high end) within the € 100, of modest size (ideally large max like the edifier R1280T). The problem that I have different tastes from the majority of buyers that I review on the internet. I do not want a sound full of accentuated lows, and I'd rather feel the brilliance of the mids and highs. I have heard that the Edifiers already mentioned have a pronounced bass anyway, and the highs cut around 16 khz. I'm sorry, for the rest they seemed like it was for us ...
    I own the delicate and crystalline Beoplay H6 1gen, I was hoping to find something that comes close to the flat of those headphones, or to the sound of yamaha h50, which years ago I had used ... Maybe a big claim, but known that creative, sony, make products with high cutting or low inflated...
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2018
  2. JRG1990
  3. Dany91
    I've have a possibility buy semi-used by amazon with 117 € the PreSonus 4.5... In those days i have hear test audio in youtube, and appaer a good flat response...In your opinion, is it a good deal? Even if they are studio monitors, can they be used well for music listening? In the end it's not that we need a disco sound, but only to hear the songs well ... Or the Microlab B77? Which one has the most soundstage and imaging?
  4. JRG1990
    The microlab b77 sounds thin and tinny, the presonus sounds good in the mids and highs very accurate good clear sound, but has a dip in the bass which to me makes them sound wrong, the presonus definitely has the best soundstage and imaging, there also more of a multimedia speaker than a studio monitor.
    The samson m30 should be in your budget not sure how they compare to the presonus though.
  5. Dany91
    Then, for now I would be directed to those Presonus, too bad that currently there are not on offer, but this is a purchase that is not very urgent ...
    However, if i increase the budget of up to € 30-50 more, what could i find better with the features I mentioned above? So, in the maximum price range 150 €?
  6. aerospace33
    I believe that the myth that Studio Monitors cannot be used to listen to music enjoyably is complete BS. A good pair of studio monitors will allow songs to sound how they are intended, and can be adjusted to suit your needs. A "HiFi" speaker with an inaccurate frequency response is a compromise in my mind, not a benefit. The Presonus 4.5 that you listed are a good option at your budget, but if you step up a little more you have a good selection of new or used monitors including KRK, Adamaudio, etc. No monitor or speaker is going to be perfect at this price range, but I believe that the budget offerings from KRK and Adam give a far better sound quality than you can find from an equivalent HiFi computer speaker
  7. Dany91
    (the topic is little old)
    In the next weeks I will be able to directly compare the microlab b77 and the presouns e4.5. Then I will decide which one to take. It's still subjective ... Someone on the internet likes the delicate / light sound of the B77 more than the Presouns...

    In any case I began to understand that I am used to the acoustics of headphones ... That's why for now I have been disappointed even by more expensive speakers... I would like to share the music and have as much as possible a musical experience like the headphones, with the melodies nearby and well present ... In modern music genres, with all these exaggerated rhythms, they cover a lot the melodies and that's why, for the different acoustics of the speakers, that I'm still left disappointed...

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