Pad Solution for ATH-M40x?

  1. stag lion

    I recently purchased Audio Technica's M40x and am looking for a solution to the ear pads. They're horribly uncomfortable - even with a small head like mine. I have tried Brainwavz pads (the cheaper, un-angled ones with no animal skins) however, they changed the sound in a bad way for me.. the bass response was reduced significantly. I listen to rock music, and I obviously want the neutral bass that these offer.

    Here is what I've come up with so far:
    • Angled HM5's - Normal or Sheepskin (Normals are currently out of stock for whatever reason)
    • ZMF Oval Earpads (Figured Cowhide would be the best - though I'm not sure, since there's also Lambskin and Protein leather.)
    • Something you guys suggest?
    I'm basically looking for a pair of earpads that are durable unlike the stock pads that come with the m40x's, and are very comfortable for long hours of wearing that do not mess with the sound, and/or make it better. For example, I've heard that ZMF cowhide earpads will increase the sound stage without messing with the bass. Still not sure about the investment for just pads, though.

    Looking forward to your response,
    Stag Lion
  2. Cruelhand Luke
    The NVX SPT100 angled pads are identical to the HM5 pads but softer/plusher. They usually run around $20 at SonicElectronix

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