Pa2v2 vs penguine caffeine(vs jds labs?)
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Mar 16, 2009
So im looking to upgrade my fiio e5. I was not impressed with the gains it made on my phonak pfe's at all. So im looking to upgrade. Ill be going on a trip to the middle east this summer so im going to be using my setup a lot, so i need to make a decision soon.

Im considering either the pa2v2 or the penguin caffeine or the jds labs. If anyone has any other recommendations around the same price range, please let me know. My main concern is sound quality.

Ill be getting some full size cans once i decided which ones i want so i want whatever i choose to also be able to power some good full cans as well.

My source, ipod 5.5 (rockboxed) using a line out dock cable.

Please help?
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I have it the PA2V2, and I have to add that it's the only amp I've tried.
It does almost nothing for the SQ compared to the headphone out of my ipod classic.
I'm saying 'almost' because I'm not that trained. But when A/B'ing between the headphone out of the ipod and the LOD-connected amp I'm hearing nothing but volume difference.

The playing time per battery charge is great, though. And it's a very reasonably priced amp. Plus, Gary's so nice to do business with, I almost feel bad writing this.
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I know I'm bumping an old thread but better than making a new one. I'm really hoping someone could come up with a direct comparison between the two seeing as the two are in the same price range now.
So, Penguine Caffeine vs Electric-Avenues PA2V2.  Anyone?

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