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p-51 mustang recharge question

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by 00lunar, Nov 24, 2009.
  1. 00lunar
    Phew...finaly got it. 2 days of burning and it discharged.

    Because i dont want to do something wrong please tell me...

    1.p-51 mustang should be on or off while connected to DC?
    2.when i'll know it's recharged completly? in other words..how long it schould charge?

    Simple ones, but i am counting on some reply on this easy task.

    Thanx for answering.

    BTW. R.Samuels did marvelous job on this little baby. I'm amazed.
  2. 00lunar
    anyone please?
  3. jc9394
    48 hours seems short, I can get about 70-80 hours per charge. It should fully charge the battery around 2 hours and I keep it off when I recharge.
  4. glc
    You should be able to use the Mustang while plugged in for charging. I think I remember Ray writing about that. You'll get different arguments about Lithium Ion batteries, but my experience with them is that they lose a bit of their maximum charging capacity each time they drain completely. That is below 10%. I don't think the amp will run the batteries that low though.

    Enjoy the amp.
  5. 00lunar

    Ray wrote to me so here is what he told me:

    It makes no difference if my amp is on or off while recharging. 2-3 hours should recharge battery completly. In manual i've found information about 56hrs of usage per one battery charge.
  6. darlim
    From my usage of the P-51 , 70-80hrs per charge looks to be the norm. Using IEM do seems to extend the hours slightly more. I alternates between SR80i ( 32 ohms) headphone and UM2 and noticed that IEM last longer. BAse on my usage 3-4 days more before i need a charge.

    P51 can be used while charging. [​IMG]

    As usual all new AMp requires to charge longer than normal on its 1st charge and would reach its optimal discharge cycle after 3-4 full discharge.
  7. 00lunar
    On 75% of the scale and mid gain, when i burned my amp with the help of Aurvana Live!, my mustang was on exactly 52,5 hrs so it's a good score i think. But is it possible to get from him another 20hrs when using it with Westone 3 or something like that? Do couple ohms of impedance make such a difference in battery life in mustang? Anyone?

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