Over-Ear Headphone Comparable to Shure SE425 Sound
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Dec 14, 2015
Hi, I own a pair of Shure SE425 IEMs and am looking to also buy a pair of over-ear headphones for extended listening sessions (at work or on flights). I can spend no more than $300, and will be listening via iPod or cellphone more of the time.
I've been satisfied with the sound on the SE425s for the most part. While I agree with many of the reviews that these IEMs are a little light on bass, I do like the tight "punchy" bass that is there. I'd expect any over-ear headphone to bring more bass based on the design.
I've been researching over-ear models extensively and am about to pull the trigger on some Sony MDR-1As. However, in listening to them, the bass feels warmer/looser than I'm used to. That's certainly not a deal-breaker to me, but considering that I'll be jumping between the IEMs and the cans regularly, I'd like to stay close to a similar sound signature as possible.
Does any one have any recos on other over-ear models I might want to consider? I've also tried out the Sennheiser Momentum 2, but prefer the fit of the Sony's, and the Momentum's are a touch outside of my budget.
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A few thoughts:
NAD HP50 (largely neutral)
SoundMAGIC HP150 (slight V-shape)
B&W P7 *(some bass emphasis; might have to find one used to stay in budget [sorry])
Meze 99 Classics (cup size could be an issue, as they are on the small size--gorgeous, incredible can)
B&O H6 (if you can find a deal or sale)
It's always hard to stay within a strict numerical budget, as headphones are priced all over the map. If you  are looking to stay well below $300, then the SoundMAGIC might work for you. Good luck.

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