Ottawa Regional meet - September 2015 - respond here
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  That bites, what happened? You were so into it and encouraging us to book a place. Bummer you won't be there.

Chronic pain has reared it's ugly head, building slowly since Tuesday.  I was hoping I could deal with it with over the counter meds, but will need something stronger from my Doc when I see her tomorrow morning.
Sorry chaps!  I'm sure many of us would like to see this become a regular event, perhaps semi annual, and get some of the local dealers involved.   With some planning, it could work out quite well as a regular event.  The venue would have to be reserved far in advance (a lot more than 12 days) to allow coordination with advertisers, participants, and show goers.  Thoughts?
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^ Sorry to hear you both weren't feeling well, it would have been great to meet you. Yes, we all agree this should be more regular and better organized. The venue we were at was actually quite good (although the WiFi was pretty weak). I would love to see this happen in 6 months, or before the summer hits and people are too busy. The blind listening test went well, and as I was expecting to be honest with 7 participants not one of them could do better than 50% accuracy picking out MP3 versus lossless. I hope to repeat this, get more subjects and build a larger sample size. I think the procedure was pretty valid and quite simple so replicating it should be easy enough.
I want to thank everybody for coming out and for your generous donations to help off-set the cost. This time was a little rough as the organization left a little to desired. Shane's girlfriend Chloe came and she was awesome to meet.
I would like to see about an early spring meet where we consider some advertising month out. While I think getting vendors might be tough to do it is well worth striving for. Vendors want numbers so we would need at least 20 attendees to be even remotely of interest. Still, I'm game if you people are. How about the last Sunday in May? Exams are over, most people not in vacation mode, six months away so there is plenty of time to organize and advertise.
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Count me in as a vendor

Can the same room be booked this far in advance?

I'm sure it could, but the WiFi was useless. I'm going to contact them and ask about that as I could see it being an issue with a larger group, and in particular if we had any vendors there. I guess people could use their phone data plans as hotspots, but that is less than ideal.
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Tried the wifi but gave up on it really fast.  I ended up setting my phone up as a hotspot so people could stream whatever they wanted from iTunes on my laptop.
I'm pretty sure the iPhone can do multiple clients and I'm cool with sharing (I have a 6GB data plan) as long as people use it for music streaming only.
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So, the WiFi won't be a problem the next time. The staff there gave us the wrong information and we were trying to connect to a WiFi service that had a very limited range (the lobby) so there was no chance it would work for us in those rooms. The lady I spoke with assured me that there is very good WiFi available so that is taken care of. We can also book that long in advance again. It actually is a great room and if we really planned well the room is excellent, sinks coat racks, bathrooms just outside, lots of tables and chairs. I think for the price we couldn't do better and the location is pretty good, slightly less bus friendly, but the 98 serves it so transitway users can get there easily enough.
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The location was great and if wifi will be more accessible next time, I think we should get this room again and spend time over the next months to gather whatever resources and invite whatever vendors we can.
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  I agree, venue is good.  
Nice space: good facilities, lots of room, plenty of chairs/tables and easy access to power via the floor sockets.  Pretty much everything you need.

I agree, the next time I might suggest duct tape to tape down power bar cables, but with planning that room could be excellent. We might even be able to get a few vendors involved. Not sure if vendors really adds much to an event, unless they are offering some kind of decent special event pricing or demoing gear that people are very curious about. Anyway, I know there are more members who could get out so perhaps with more time we could get them. There were at least three other local head-fiers with different gear than what was there who couldn't make it so even just getting them out would help. I would also like to make the event a little more social so perhaps a lunch break where people get to talk even more.
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So I have started the thread for our next meet here
Please visit that thread and see what you think. The sooner we get started the better the event will be.
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^ No apparently our photographer slept in until 2pm that day
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I had a great time.  Thanks again to Mark for setting it up and pulling me back into the fold again.  Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures as well.  That's what next time is for I guess.  As of right now I don't see May being a problem to show up for another go.  I'll be sure to bring a lighter setup next time.
On a side note, this site loads up much faster on Microsoft's new browser than it does on Firefox.  Much, much faster.

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