OTG with inline MIC ear buds issues
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May 21, 2019
Hello Today I had a rather un nerving issue, I left my Empire Audio in Ears and my se535s also in my bag at home and the only thing I had was my Bose sport in ears....with an inline mic, beside the volume moving on its own I was getting random pops and clicks and some random distortion also, I use these as a daily driver with my iPod and never an issue , Today I was running my Fiio M9 with My E18 Kunlun, playing through the data port with buds plugged into headphone in....3.5mm on the Kunlun......and crazy distortion etc, as well as over modulation and Clicks and Pops and Hiss...Is this the Inline Issue people are referring to with FIIO? please help!
thanks in advance
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All I can say is my Cayin N5ii with my new IEM Comets from Campfire Audio with inline mic control skips from track to track and artist to artist after playing 1 second. Swap with normal TRS, and instantly no issue. There are TRRS to TRS adapters for $15, but I haven't tried one yet. This is my first DAP, so I'm guessing DAPs may have this issue consistently since they ain't phones and mics are for phone calls--although my laptop has no issue with these IEMs w/ mic controller.

[Happy update: Campfire Audio are sending me a new, non-remote cable, so great customer service!]
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