Options: Z-5500, S750, or mini HT from JBL ?
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Oct 20, 2003
I have a situation, and I hope the experts can give me some advice.
I'm kinda interested with Z-5500, but let down by the tonal balance and clarity.
I'm more into S750 since I previoiusly owned Altec 641 whose sub were struck by lightning. But frankly I'm turned down with the price of S750 which I think overpriced. In searh of alternative, I found some options like a mini HT from JBL, like :

JBL SCS 200.5 600w RMS which is cheaper than S750

or JBL SCS 300.5 650w RMS

Frankly I'm really sold with them. Coming from JBL , a much more reputable company in sound reproduction than Creative, the look, longetivity (to be disputed though). I think I might even sell it much more easily compared to Logitech or Creative product which is mostly known in computer product. I'm concerned with some users reporting that S750's sub tend to die easily.

I'm more into music, games for now, but I like it better if the system is convertible to a home theatre system whenever I want to. Now, I don't know whether the options from JBL above sounds good enough (if not better) compared to Logitech or S750, but I'm quite convinced that JBL should not be too bad due to its experience and reputation.

Can someone give me a Pro & Cons about this ?
Do you think this system will be a better alternative compared to Z-5500 or S750 ?
The price is not so expensive as I thought.
JBL SCS200.5 600w RMS is about the price of Z5500.
JBL SCS300.5 650w RMS is about the price of S750.

Can someone give comments ? Thank you.
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