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Oppo Digital shutting down operations.

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by pbui44, Apr 3, 2018.
  1. pbui44
    Well, it looks like Oppo Digital’s entry into headphone-emphasized equipment was short lived and all of their disc-operated offerings will no longer be made:


    I felt that their products were very well built and offered a lot of quality for the money, which might have created the downfall of this subsidiary in the end. Did anyone find very notable enjoyment in any particular Oppo Digital product?
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  2. Shooter41
    Wow, I find this rather shocking. I honestly thought they were a thriving operation. I can't remember any one of their products that was not well-received or that didn't get pretty positive (and many times glowing) reviews. I have one of their latest generation 4K Blu-Ray players still in the box. Bought it for a media room I was putting together then it ended up being put on hold as we decided to look for a new home. I kinda feel like I've got a little treasure on hold now.

    Sad news for electronics consumers and I think there's a bit of a hole in the market now, especially for digital disc players.
  3. mikesale
    Heartbreaking! I hope someone picks up the rights to some of their excellent equipment!
  4. Turn-It-Down
    Sad news. I have two of their Blu Ray players (1080p and 4k) and they are amazing products.

    I will treasure them for as long as they last.

    Hopefully they will continue to send out firmware updates and fix any issues that might crop up over time.

    Anyone know of any other brand of BD player that might be better than oppo?
  5. halcyon
    Sad to see them go.... the market has spoken - spinning media is dying (dvd/bd players were their main product line).

    I hope the last batch of PM-3 headphones is sold out on a firesale prices. Might finally pick up a pair for myself.
  6. once
    Very sad. Oppo Digital is one of those companies that everything they did, they did 110%. Exceptional build quality, exceptional service, exceptional products, exceptional functionality. Clearly a dedicated and passionate team of enthusiasts that built no compromise products. Very very sad to see them go. If you are reading this Oppo, thank you for all the great products, and just know, you came, you saw, you conquered.
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  7. NewMexiCat Contributor
    I am shocked by this and when I first saw it reported on the internet, I thought it was an April Fool's joke. I've purchased just about every universal player they have released over the years and have loved every one of them. I had not yet pulled the trigger on the UDP-205 since my BDP-105 has continued to perform flawlessly. It's a testament to how well built their products are that I am considering grabbing the 205 while I can, even if warranty work may be limited or non-existent at some point. Other than the downside of discontinued firmware updates, I don't worry about the reliability of Oppo's products. I've never had a bit of trouble.
  8. Whitigir
    Pretty sad, probably Trump Tariff which hits them ways hard!
  9. pbui44
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  10. rgs9200m
    Oppo made quality products, but when your main source of sales is physical disc players, well, Houston, we have a problem.
  11. pbui44
    Hence why Oppo is switching their emphasis on smart phones.
  12. chef8489
    I felt the Oppo Pm-1 was one of the best headphones I ever heard. I sold all my others hoping to purchase a pair but could never find a pair in my price range so I bought the LCD2c.
  13. pbui44
  14. Bubica05
    I thought they were doing good business! The Oppo Pm 1 are a solid set of headphones. For their prices the quality was there. Sorry to see them go.
  15. pbui44
    Man, the only portable DAC/Amps with the same specs and similar design as a Oppo HA-2 and HA-2SE is the Sony PHA-2 and PHA-2. Both Sony models are priced higher than the Oppo models, making the HA-2 and HA-2SE still one of the best products at their price points, despite Oppo support ending indefinitely.

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