Opera with black sand power cord V1
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Jan 7, 2008
Hi guy,
I have just received my black sand V1 today and plugged it into my Opera.
After that, I listen to my mp3 chinese song, which has a lot of silibiance and treble peak when I try them with the original power cord.
Guess what: the treble peak has decreased significantly and become more enjoyable. The instruments are more seperated.
I have owned my GS1000 for about 2 weeks now and I think the phone has been fully burned in. Before using the V1, I always think that I should have returned the GS1000 to get the money back because when I compared GS1000 with my Denon D5000, it is very hard for me to see the Big difference between the two(not worth for 1000$ upgrade). Right now, with the V1 I am so surprised about the GS1000. The mid become more attractive , singer's voice become more lovely. Instrument seperation is very clear. I feel like I am on a live concert rather than listening to headphone.

right now, it is hard for me to make decision whether i should keep or return my GS1000. I will wait for my mod denon d5000 which will come back to me within next week

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