Open vs Closed for gaming
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I got sennheiser pc160 and i'm happy with them for gaming. (certainly better than hd650)
Maybe they aren't as good as AD700 etc but i use ventrilo everyday so i really needed the mic, and the mic on the phones has really good quality.
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depends on the kind of gamer you are

closed and open phones exist and you should make the decision that's best for you

when i played CS open was by far better because playing at competitions meant i could hear strats from our caller without the delay of in-game voice comm

for solo games where this isn't a problem closed might be better, or if you have a noisy pc/surroundings the isolation of a closed phone might be more suitable

on the other hand i find that generally, but not always, open phones have better sound staging and positional audio than closed do

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In regards to the A700 and AD700 I lean toward open for competitive multi-player. I might prefer the closed for everything else. Closed will make a grenade deafen you like it should. Open will let you hear what going on when you should be deaf.

Aside from the actually gaming I have chosen to use the open because I want to hear what is going on around me when I play. The closed will shut you off from the outside world. Of course that's what a lot of people like. I also feel the open are more comfortable. They let your ears breath where as the closed will get hot after a while.

I don't listen to many movies on my headphones but I would think the A700 would be a lot better than the AD700. However, I wouldn't enjoy enjoy wearing A700 for 2 hours strait especially in the summer.

So anyway I would say A700 is better choice unless you have a reason to use open.

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