On-Board Digital Out to AVR to HD555 OR Chaintech AV-710, Wolfram DAC, to AVR to HD555 OR...
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Apr 9, 2008
My current home setup is:
FLAC -> Coax Digital Out of Motherboard (Asus P5N-E SLI) to AVR: Yamaha HTR-5660 ("96khz/24-bit" DAC as listed in the manual) where I have my Sennheiser HD555s plugged into the headphone output.
I have a Chaintech AV-710 with the software configured to output stereo audio through the Back Surround Port which uses the Wolfson DAC which I used before I inherited the Yamaha. [Details on the mod: http://www.head-fi.org/t/230506/chaintech-av-710-setup-thread-including-true-44-1khz-wolfson-output-in-xp ] 
I don't have anything plugged into the AV710 now; is it's Wolfson DAC likely better than whatever is in the Yamaha or is the Yamaha likely better + it is away from the computer to avoid noise, etc, issues? If the Yamaha DAC is better, the AV710 has an optical out option that I can use to send the digital signal to the Yamaha - might it be better to have the AV710 send the digital signal rather than the motherboard's coax digital out or should it not matter since it's a digital signal?
I have a 9V cMoy with the BB OPA2132PA for portable use - is that likely to be better than whatever is driving the headphones in the Yamaha and I should add it in the chain?
If there is something that jumps out to be the weakest link in my setup, will you mention it? I'd like to know what to plan to buy next; I assume it's a dedicated Headphone Amp rather than using the Yamaha's. 
Thanks in advance for any help

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