omz v3 or amb y2?
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Mar 29, 2009
those two are the dac option for my new rig.
they wil both be connected to my computer via usb (the omz via a teralink-x adapter).
they will connect my soon to come ath-ad900 through an amp i have yet to choose. i aslo have a basic onkyo stereo amp and a pair of wharfedale 9.1.
btw, do both work with asio4all?
Which one of them will fit me best?

and is there any better option in the sub 400$ DACs?

tnx alot.
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Given the general truism about DIY stuff (a DIY design is generally competitive with much more expensive commercial products) as well as the few specific impressions I've read about the gamma2, I would think that it's probably about as good as can be done in the sub $400 range.
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I use the OMZ with Teralink-X.
Adding the Teralink provided immediate transformation to sound and I'm happily living with it. This DAC, though not spoken about as like some years ago, is still a strong competitor. I had the chance to compare to Opus dac and the opus sounded digital and artificial in comparison.

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