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[Official] Sennheiser HD 660 S Australian review tour

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by White Lotus, Jun 2, 2018.
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  1. cgouy
    I'm definitely keen on this. I live in South Australia and have capsules for HD600s and two different revisions of HD650s and would be happy to make comparisons. I can also give impressions on how they pair with my Darkvoice 336SE.
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  2. White Lotus
    Sounds like a plan indeed! Let's do it!

    To everyone else,

    Entries will close next week, and I'll shoot some info out the week after about the tour order etc.

    Newer users - please PM me some info about yourself, in order to gain acceptance into the tour. Useful information might include any past reviews you have written.

    It would be also helpful if there are other experienced users who could vouch for you as well.
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  3. White Lotus
    Tour is now underway!

    @Mightygrey , you're up first mate. I'll send them off to you on the weekend (or potentially early next week).

    Everyone else, you can track the progression of the tour on the OP post of this thread.

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  4. Mightygrey
    Unreal - I am so ready. I might even be "that guy" and wear them on my commute...for science...
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  5. n05ey
    Ha, seeing I am before @Brooko again...
    I will be more careful with my declaration and contact you prior to sending the 'phones this time :)

    (I still feel bad about that)
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  6. robthemac
    Sounds good. I guess I post back to Australia?
  7. Brooko Contributor
    Yep - if you need to Rob, I can contribute to the Oz postage.
  8. robthemac
    Nah, all good, part of the game!
  9. Mightygrey
    My week with the HD660s is almost finished-up, I'll be sorry to say "goodbye" to them...I found that they:

    - Actually played nicely with an OTL tube amp, my Bottlehead Crack & Speedball, although I suspect the Tung-Sol 5998 power tube might have been a factor as I believe it lowers the output impedance from 120 to around 70+/- ohms
    - They also played very nicely with a full 2.6WPC from my Emotive BasX A-100, which still had a nice amount of play at the lower-end of the volume dial

    @n05ey - you're up next mate, can you please drop me your best postal address? Otherwise if you're in Sydney I might be able to drop them on Saturday.

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  10. n05ey
    Pm sent :) Looking forward to this!!!
  11. Mightygrey
    Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 7.59.14 pm.png @n05ey just mailed them off, you're officially up next! Just a little peek at one of the snaps from my 580/650/660s comparison:

    Last edited: Jul 5, 2018
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  12. n05ey
    They have arrived!!! Unboxing is what you would hope for in this level of headphone, not the most luxurious but solid all round, kinda like the headphones themselves... Listening out of the box is a generally nice experience, slightly tighter on my head than I wouldn't prefer but still comfy.
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  13. redrich2000
    Are we putting our reviews here in in the main thread?
  14. redrich2000
    The headphones have arrived with me today, thanks @n05ey. There's probably not much mystery in terms of build and aesthetics with them now. They are almost identical to the HD6XX. The blue on those is subtle, so in low light they're indistinguishable. For those not familiar with the line, build and aesthetics are pretty much perfect for this price range IMO. Not flash, no leather, wood or polished metal, just beautifully understated, timeless design and super solid build. The matte finish is much nicer than the old 650/600 IMO and I like the left-aligned logo.

    Today I'm giving them an initial listen on my portable rig which I had out. It's an iMod (who remembers them???) > FiiO A5. I'm A/Bing a bit with my 6XX. Those have been given the full modding treatment (which I very highly recommend BTW, even if you have no real modding experience like me). I'll have some time next week to do a detailed comparison and review out of my main rig next week. For now, my initial impressions concur with Tyll's on Inner Fidelity. Like all ABing, you accentuate and hence exaggerate the differences between the two phones. But with that proviso, when you switch from the 6XX to the 660, it's like hitting a built in soundcard 'audio enhancer'. Everything gets bigger, more spacious, more dynamic sounding but with a distracting unnaturalness and splashy harshness. If I'd been given half an hour to demo both I would choose the modded 6XX no question.

    Last edited: Jul 13, 2018
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  15. White Lotus
    I remember the iMod! I still have my DIYmod kicking around somewhere..
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