Nuforce Press Release: NuForce Delivers High-End 24bit/96kHz Modular Audio Systems For the Mass-Consumer Market
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Nov 21, 2008
Milpitas, California, August 3, 2010. NuForce, Inc., a California-based manufacturer of consumer audio products, announces the release of its Icon-2 and uDAC-2 desktop audio components.  Together with the recently released high-end Icon HDP and Icon Amp, this series completes a Modular Systems approach for bringing high-end audio to the mass-consumer market.  Built on the highly successful Icon platform, the full NuForce line of 24bit/96kHz audio components offers heretofore unattainable performance levels for desktop or other computer-based music environments.
As a headphone amp, preamp, USB (24bit/96kHz) and S/PDIF (24bit/192kHz) DAC, NuForce’s Icon HDP leads the way with unprecedented accuracy and resolution.  The 24Wx2 Icon Amp serves as a companion piece to the Icon HDP. The USB-powered and portable uDAC-2 offers a high quality USB DAC and headphone amp for those seeking high-performance audio from their computer music source. As a step beyond the successful uDAC, the uDAC-2 boasts a highly linear TOCOS volume control for improved channel tracking at low listening levels, in addition to 24bit/96kHz USB DAC and an improved headphone amp. Building upon the award-winning Icon integrated amplifier, the Icon-2 offers 24Wx2 power, 24bit/96kHz DAC, an improved headphone amp and preamp circuit.
With the addition of the uDAC-2, Icon-2, Icon HDP and Icon Amp to its existing product line, NuForce has positioned itself to offer the most comprehensive combination of high-performing 24bit/96kHz desktop and mobile audio solutions to be found anywhere in the marketplace.  Jason Lim, NuForce’s CEO: “As a leader in the high-end audiophile market, we want to take the lead in offering high performance audio for portable and desktop market. And we will make it affordable!”
Pricing and Availability
The NuForce Icon uDAC-2 is available [size=11pt]worldwide for a suggested retail price of US $129. Icon-2 will be shipping August 16 at a suggested retail price of $349. Icon HDP and Icon Amp have been available for US $449 and $189 respectively.[/size]
About NuForce
[size=12pt]NuForce is a California-based company devoted to the development of exceptionally fine yet reasonably priced consumer-electronic products. NuForce launched its brand in 2005 with audiophile-quality switching amplifiers based on patented, proprietary technology, thereby promptly becoming a leader in audio's high-end marketplace. NuForce has won Power Amplifier of the Year awards both in the United States and Japan and has since expanded into other aspects of consumer electronics. In addition to its celebrated two-channel and mono amps, the NuForce line now includes headphones, loudspeakers, a music server, CD player, preamp, multi-channel amplifier, and cables.[/size]
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Answers to a few questions posted on uDAC review thread:
1) We need time to produce enough boards for upgrade order. The 1st production was already made for a batch of uDAC2 completed with case and packaging etc. This is volume production from contract factory. We can't change it. 
Furthermore, if you already have uDAC and you have no intention of ever using higher resolution music than 16bit/44.1kHz, then you might want to wait for reviews of uDAC2 versus uDAC with 16bit music to find out if it is worth the extra cost.
2) For the upgrade price, we will offer special upgrade price for people who bought in July. We have to draw the line somewhere so if you bought on June 30, you have to pay the normal upgrade price.
The NORMAL upgrade price should be around $65 (on the lower end of your SUBMITguess).  You don't have to ship back the original board :).
3) uDAC2 did improve upon uDAC even for 16bit music file. We modified the circuit around the headphone amp, upgraded to a much more expensive volume pot (made in Japan).


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