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NUC Audio Topic

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by tamirci, Mar 24, 2017.
  1. Tamirci
    I have a NUC player as the source http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/nuc/overview.html  And Daphile is installed as an operating system. It is connected with rca to mini (%100 silver) cable to my tiny amp topping tp22 and it powers Micca mb42 speakers.
    Before NUC I used raspberry pi3 based operating systems but found out this is the most stable one.
    The question is: have you seen or heard or used a hifi oriented NUC player?
  2. jcn3
    sure, i (and many others) use a nuc as a dedicated audio device.  mine is a i5 nuc running win10/audiophile optimizer/fidelizer pro/jriver.  sounds great!
  3. lazerbeam
    Hey sorry for the dated thread bump. Are you using the Nuc with windows 10 as a headless appliance or do you have it hooked up to a screen? Can you direct me to any threads about how to go about something like this?
  4. bfreedma

    I'm using mine headless and controlling it with Monkeymote on an iPad. Configuration is NUC/Win10/WASAPI/Foobar2000/Monkeymote. Remote login when necessary via Splashtop.

    It's pretty much an "Out Of Box" configuration so was very simple to setup.
  5. lazerbeam
    Thank you. That sounds like a good solution for me. I've never used Foobar but a lot of ppl endorse it and I'm alot more comfortable in a windows environment than linux (never used it).

    Can I ask do you leave it running or turn it on / off each time you use it?

    I'm considering this as a standalone box in my living room where I can have my Schiit stack and listen to either my flac collection or spotify. Currently it's with my computer in den

    I'm just not familiar with how deep the controls are with these remote access tools
  6. bfreedma

    Glad to help.

    I leave my NUC on all the time, but boot time with an SSD is under 30 seconds so if you prefer to turn it off, it won't make much difference. The current generation I3 and I5 NUCS are fanless, so they work very well as a headless PC in a mixed use room.

    Is there a specific feature you're looking for in remote access tools? I've never needed to do anything around playback that Monkeymote won't support. Splashtop gives you full access to the NUC via a remote desktop, so anything you could do with a physical keyboard and mouse can also be done remotely.
  7. jcn3
    i'm using mine headless. the most direct way is to use remote desktop on another pc or tablet. this give you full access to the remote computer. i use win10's remote desktop feature when accessing via pc and the ms remote desktop app when using my tablet.

    alternative is to use an app to control a player -- i've used jremote for jriver and kazoo or lumin or bubbleupnp when the nuc was configured as a renderer and minimserver running on a nas.

    i also leave my nuc on 24/7.
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2017
  8. lazerbeam
    Thanks guys.

    No specific feature sets I'm looking for other than being able to switch from playing tracks on my NAS back to Spotify. Basic playback is all I'm thinking and turning the device on or off. I sometimes go long stretches of not listening to music so I'd rather not waste electricity when I'm not around.

    I have a Pentium Nuc that I never got around to turning into an htpc. Not fan less but seemed quite quiet running Kodi. Too bad I didn't wait for a fanless modelthat would have been great.

    One last question for you guys. How did you setup Windows. Was there apps/services disabled to minimize ram /cpu resource usage or pretty much normal install?
    I have a win7 disc but it apparently doesn't play nice with nuc's. I'll have to figure out how to get that setup but it looks like there are utilities out there to slip the usb drivers into the installer.

    Thank you both.
  9. bfreedma
    Just a standard install. There is zero evidence that a modern computer (anything recent) that isn't overburdened with other processing requirements is improved by minimizing or tuning services. Subjectively, people like software such as Fidelizer, but there is no objective data that anything actually changes, let alone is improved.

    To make the install go smoother on your NUC, download all of the appropriate drivers and load them to a USB drive so they are available on initial OS install. Or at least the wired or wireless network drivers. Another way to simplify the install would be to create a bootable install set on a USB key (assuming you don't have an external BR/DVD player already attached to your NUC.

    At the very least, get your system up and running before installing another layer of software.

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