Not perfect but good enough, short review of XDUOO Link2
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Jul 7, 2011
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Jul 7, 2011
Since it had cancelled 3.5mm stereo socket from smartphones, tiny USB DAC device being popular, long times ago there some huge DAC + AMP solution provides good sound quality to audiophiles, but, not all people would like bringing such a "brick" to go outside. So "Little tail" USB key (tiny sized DAC) became a premium solution for more people.

But I just never buy one of them, I would be mind timbre of human or each instuments more than warmer/ sweeter sound, so I'll hard find a such small device as I want.
Until I receive Link2 from XDUOO.

In its small package, contains
Type-C to Lighting cable,
Type-C to Type-C cable
and a Type-C to Type-A adaptor.
Which would fully adaptive for both iPhone and Android phones, evev fully considered the necessaries of PC adaptive.

It did use a SoC from ESS which was 9118EC, but it was told they skip the build-in AMP, but had a independent AMP, and it had 2 filters: BASS and SOUNDSTAGE enhancement.

When I try it with my phones, it was convient that I don't need any operation that only open my music apps, then I'll enjoy my music, it was greater power to drive a earphone even low impedence, wider soundstage and more detail than original adaptions I had.
And 2 sets of filters are easy using, effective but no obvious distortion to be heard, so it was a overall good selection for users.

But unlike some high output USB device, it was no any background noise, which makes me feel lile listening to a real DAP.

But there still some lackage of the product: on-body remote will be to bypass the remote and mic of a headset, more power consumption will be add to your phone that means reducing you battery life. But in other case, when you're walking or doing something, to click a key on DAC besides you pocket will be more convient than to touch your remote on you headset.

In conclusion, it was a 699 RMB product which shall be meant 120~130 USD, but it's sound quality was compectitive to 200+ USD DAP, but it needs you phone and need its battery life. It was totally good to buy for enjoy better sound quality, which is not perfect but good enough.

You can also see this link to watch my uncasing video.
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