noob help for audio setup with nexus 5 as mp3 player
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Apr 26, 2015
I'm a complete noob and need help/advice.
My current setup is all my mp3 on a usb key connected to my nexus 5 then connected in my car stereo 3.5mm jack. The problem is the sound is not to good. I know the mp3's are not the problem cause' the same files on dedicated mp3 players sound a lot better so I presume the problem is the phone.
My quest for knowledge started when I say this.
All I want is better sound and since I'm using only mp3 I guess I don't need the "big" hi-fi stuff and just the basic will do.
From there I don't know where to go. Should I get something that connects through the headphone out or use the phone as usb audio out? and even witch device to go with. I don't have a lot of money either.
Using a portable amp from the phone's headphone out will the sound be better?
For usb audio out with the research I've done so far it looks like a simple y otg cable will not be enough to power the usb key and the other device so I would need a powered usb hub. I allready have this witch I think would probably work with regular usb hubs/y cables or a cable like in the page from next paragraph.
Currently I'm using poweramp and deezer. Poweramp replied to me saying the it does usb audio out if my phone supports it(nexus 5 with lollipoop) and don't know if deezer does it. That is an other reason I don't know witch direction to go. Even ready to try software like the usb audio player in this page
If all my current amps work through usb then I would probably go in that direction. Also willing to use other apps the the ones I use right now are my favorite and in Canada I don't have access to all the same radio/streaming apps as in the us.
Some devices I was looking at most are the dragonfly and fiio
Please help me.

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