Non famous bands/musicians that you like.
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Apr 13, 2008
hi, i was just thinking it would be interesting to see if anyone liked the non famous, what some may call indie (though the commercialisation of indie bands has just made the term indie and oxymoron). i would say mine were Fall out boy, but then they sold out, which i don't mind, but now i cant say them. hmm, Red apparatus jumpsuits are also quite a good band, but im not really that into them. what about you?
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The ones that come to my mind right now are Nada Surf and Fountains of Wayne. They're somewhat known but I think they deserve more attention than they do now.
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Oh yeah, a few hundred, to make a reasonable list though, here are some:

6th Sense
Noe Venable
Eleni Mandell
T-Bone Burnett
Blu & Exile
Louis Logic
Eileen Rose
Marissa Nadler
Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter
Zion I
Kristin Hersh
Joe Henry
Aesop Rock
Carina Round
Brother Ali
Soul Position
Murder By Death
Andrew Bird
Pharoahe Monch
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Artists are just too many, I would rather suggest labels. To name a few

Label: East Dev - US

Label: AHORNFELDER - Germany
Yuichiro Fujimoto

Label: Fonal - Finland
Kemialliset Ystavat

Label: Noble - Japan (oh boy, this Japanese label kicks ass, believe me - every release is a gem.)
World's End Girlfriend
Kazumasa Hashimoto
Yasushi Yoshida

Label: Osaka - Irland

Label: Lucky Kitchen - Spain
Alejandra & Aeron
Jason Ajemian

Label: RUNE GRAMMOFON - Norway (popular enough for you?)
In the country
Thomas Storen
Nils Okland

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My favorite band is Spitalfield (who not many people have heard of), but they disbanded last year.

Gatsbys American Dream is another good band, and they haven't disbanded yet.

There's also Brandtson, Time Spent Driving (who almost no one has ever heard of), Autopilot Off (they disbanded), Appleseed Cast, and Harlem Shakes.

A lot of The Militia Group bands are really good. (Except for Cartel and Acceptance. I hate them.)
Edit: Actually, Cartel and Acceptance aren't on TMG's label anymore.

And actually, the all/most of the bands that went from Deep Elm to TMG are really good.
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Those who come to my mind are:
* Øystein Sevåg
* Christel Alsos
* Biosphere
* Nils Petter Molvær
* Kari Bremnes
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Sleeping at Last, and almost everything on the Saddle Creek label.
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Originally Posted by Coltrane /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I only listen to music that is famous.

then why are you here? (as in posting) music becomes famous if they are brilliant, like FOB. some that are also very good dont become famous. if you only listen to music that is famous are you actually choosing the music. or is it being given to you through the media. O this weeks number one is this... are you actually choosing it, or will you go and buy it just because it is famous and said to be good. im not saying tht famous music is bad, 99% of my stuff is famous, but of that i dont really, really enjoy half of it. i like it, but not as much as the music i discovered myself. so i have to conclude that you either posted here to start a flame war, or you do not really get the point of the thread.
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Blu & Exile
Brother Ali

all Hip Hop artists.

I also like Little Dragon a lot, which is more along the lines of Trip Hop.

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