Noise from the Firestone Audio Little Country III Amp (Tube noise?)
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Mar 27, 2006
Hello everyone,

I apologize if this has been asked for a similar amp before, but I searched and couldn't find any previous threads. This thread wasn't exactly answering my question..

Anyway, I recently bought a second hand Firestone Audio Little Country III headphone amp. I believe it is of hybrid design and it comes with two Electro Harmonix 6922EH tubes.

What I noticed was that when I plugged in any pair of headphones (Senn HD25 II, UE6000, DT990, DT880) there would always be this very audible hiss/noise. Like a constant white noise. I've tried all that I can think of to get rid of it to no avail, including:
  • Plug the unit into a power conditioner
  • Plug the unit into a UPS
  • Unplugging the source line-in (Firestone Audio I Love Taiwan DAC)
  • Switching sources (tried with iPod LOD)
  • Switched physical locations from work to home
  • Switched the gain mode on the back switch of the unit high/low
  • Turned the volume all the way up/down (noise level was the same)
  • Waited ~2hrs for the unit to "warm up"
  • Took it apart to see if any components are failing/failed (it all looked fine)
  • probably more

TL;DR I tried everything I can to fix the background hiss, but nothing I did can make it any quieter or get rid of it.

I called a headphone shop that has sold these before, the owner suggested maybe switching the tubes.. do you think this may be it?
I'm thinking maybe the noise happens somehow after the volume control, since the noise doesn't get affected if I change the volume knob.

If you can help I would be so grateful! Thanks! :xf_eek:

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