Noise cancelling recommendation. Ath anc9
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Jul 8, 2013
Hello, first off, thanks in advance for taking the time to read and (hopefully) share your experience and knowledge with me. I've been researching for a couple days nonstop now and need a last bit of help.
I am looking for a noise cancelling headphone for use in a plane, train, car, and office/library. I listen to damn near every type of music, but mostly "indie" type. (Vampire weekend, of monsters and men, Bon over, etc.) I may be asking for the "impossible headphone" here, but its worth a shot.

I'm really looking for
-Sound quality (do not like "colored" music. )
-Noise cancelling ability
-Did I say sound leakage?

So obviously sound leakage is a major thing for me. I do not listen to music very high, but don't want to be forced to listen to whispers in order to not disturb neighbors. I do not want anyone listening to what I'm listening to.

I also want to be able to listen to and enjoy the music, so sound quality is pretty important as well.

Nc is very nice for the low hum of an engine on public transportation.

I have been looking at the audio technica anc9 closely, but have worries about the sound leakage. Is there any thing else I may have overlooked here? Price is no object here, but no ridiculous 1000+, etc.

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I don't know of many noice canceling headphones but i suggest you look into:

Sony MDR 1R

UE 6000

Bose qc15 (not sure about sq though)
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Figured I'd follow up so if anyone else needs help.
Received the audio technica ath anc9 yesterday and they're amazing. Great nc and great sound. Definitely not the muddied sound found in the Bose qc15 and is more crisp sounding. Leakage is non existent at normal levels. Particularly annoyed with reviews saying they leak as this only happens at 85-100% volume. Stupid stupid stupid people.......put it at a normal 20-80 % volume and there is no leak.
Awesome headset very happy!

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