NocturnaL Audio Custom IEM Discussion and Impressions
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Treoo has graciously allowed me the opportunity to review the (current) lineup of Singapore's newest CIEM freshman, NocturnaL Audio. Seems like there isn't a lot of discussion going on for their IEM line so I guess I'll start the ball rolling.

They currently have two models: the entry "Gorham" and the quad-driver "Atlantis". I was highly impressed with the Atlantis for its balanced, cleanliness and overall detailed signature, all for an insanely low price (for a custom), so I decided to request for review units.

My reviews are still in the works but should be up within the week or so. Needless to say if the Atlantis is of any indication of their future, NocturnaL has the potential to play with the already-established local competition, AAW and Jomo.

NocturnaL's website
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what are the price in us dollars?

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NocturnaL Audio definitely needs more attention and recognition here on Head-Fi - the build time (it took them around 6 weeks to build the Atlantis I have in my ears in this very second) is definitely worth the wait.
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Some more impressions/a mini review:


Build quality is very good. The universal fit version's nozzle has got a somewhat wider than average collar which makes it a little difficult to attach the tips, however this way the tips stay on extremely well.

Tonally, I would describe it as a mix of the Westone W4/W4R/W40, Brainwavz B200 and Ultimate Ears Reference Monitors. Imagine some of the W4R's fullness and about the same bass quantity, however without an as strong roll-off in the sub-bass (-> B200 analogy), coupled with the UERMs' treble for most parts (except for their ~8-10 kHz upper treble where the Atlantis is less sharp and elevated). Yes, the upper highs around 8 kHz are leaning a little more to the brighter side, but without being ever sharp, sibilant or unnatural. My UERM for example are a good bit sharper in the upper highs in comparison when a certain note hits exactly that peak.
Summarising, I would say the Atlantis leans more into the fuller, somewhat warmer and smoother direction in the lows without being overdone by any means. I'd describe the midrange tuning as fairly neutral/flat, with a hint of warmth from the root. No unnecessary "clarity lift" between 2 and 3 kHz that it also doesn't need. Treble mostly like the UERMs' but less elevated around 8 kHz, however still on the brighter side here. Extension past 10 kHz okay but not phenomenal - not much subtle glare in the super highs but still clearly better extension than the Shure SE846.
A pleasant, smooth tonality that sounds coherent and realistic, authentic, but not sterile or boring.

Resolution - very good overall.
The bass lacks a little behind the mids and highs when it comes to ultimate details, but this is because of how detailed the mids and highs are.
Bass is tight, fast and very well controlled. Bass details and speed and tightness as well as texture are pretty similar to my UERM.
High resolution in the highs, very good separation. Great speech intelligibility and midrange layering. All achieved without any tricks. Popping the Atlantis in my ears, I would have expected a somewhat higher price point judging by
Overall, having done quite some extended comparisons with my UERM already, I would rate the Atlantis a little higher when it comes to midrange and treble details.

Good upper average in terms of size/dimensions. Slightly leaves the base of my head/ears (by around 2 fingers). Just as much spatial depth as width.
Precise layering. Very good separation - not on the same level as the discontinued UE18 Pro, but about comparable to the UERM.
Spatially (very) authentic and definitely more three-dimensional than most other IEMs in ~ $500 range.

Definitely a convincing in-ear, and very competitive due to its moderate price.

Just my $0.02
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My review of the Atlantis is online:

It's written in German but there's a Google Translate widget right underneath the navigation bar. A (shortened) version in English for Head-Fi will go online very shortly, too.

And here it is:

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Not sure if I would call the waiting time for the universal version a con, as it is very rare to find a company
which also has the option of customized UIEMs.

That's why the customisation options are listed as a pro. :)
However (I think that) it's better to mention the build time in the con section so people are aware that also the UIEM version is a handmade IEM and not a generic mass production UIEM model that is immediately available.

I personally find it absolutely great that NocturnaL offers this service for their UIEMs (and especially at such a fair price) - as you said, there are unfortunately not many companies that do.
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10 weeks, and am still waiting for my reshell to come back. Guess their customers have a higher priority. Considering my reshell costs more than their iems, I cannot stomach this.

Am still waiting for them to reply my repeated emails to them.

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