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Noble Kaiser Encore vs Empire Ears Zeus XR/R

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  1. Tim Le
    Hello everyone, I can't find a direct comparison between these two IEMs. Could someone give me a brief comparison between the two of them? Thanks!
  2. tonyxiaoz
    Sorry for digging up an old post. But I'm having the same question and don't want to make the same post. Could anyone who has tried both shed some light on this?
  3. NaiveSound
    I found Zeus to be superior on all things vs any noble iems
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  4. PinkyPowers
    Encore has proper sub-bass, with more punch, while still maintaining a highly neutral sound. The soundstage is wider, and the elements on that stage more sharply defined.

    Zeus is less bright/harsh in the treble. It has more upper bass, which gives it a fuller, more natural quality. Vocals are forward, thick, and dense. Whereas Encore can sound rather thin with the wrong cable, including stock cable.

    For a more thorough breakdown of Zeus/Encore/tia Fourté, see my Fourté review.
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  5. tonyxiaoz
    Thanks for the impression. That's very detailed and helpful
  6. tonyxiaoz
    Haha just realized you are the Pinky from headphonelist. Love your work!
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  7. PinkyPowers
    Thanks. Hope I was helpful. :)
  8. tonyxiaoz
    Have you by any chance auditioned the Unique Melody Mason v3 too?
  9. PinkyPowers
    I have not. Sorry. But I know someone who has. I think we need Daniel.. @Deezel177
  10. tonyxiaoz
    Haha thanks a lot. I'm so glad I came across you guys. I'm gonna audition these next week. But wanted to do some research first. I'm looking for something a bit more fun to complement my HE1000
  11. PinkyPowers
    How much fun are we talking about? I'm working on my Empire Ears Legend X review right now, and these have slowly but steadily become my current favorites. So much fun and musicality! Might be just the ticket for you.
  12. tonyxiaoz
    I mainly listen to classical and songs with instruments like musicals. After reading the Ve8 review on your website, I feel like something like that would be too "fun" for my genres. Definitely looking forward to ur legend X review
  13. tonyxiaoz
    ^read: not a bass-head haha
  14. PinkyPowers
    Ah, Legend X may not be for you, then. It's certainly more aggressive in the low-end than VE8. :D

    Phantom, maybe?

    Or perhaps you're right, and Encore is right up your alley. Its faults don't effect classical music much at all.
  15. tonyxiaoz
    Haha I'll try to audition all of them that you mentioned. Who knows, maybe a good pair can turn me into a bass-head
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