No payment processing details on website?
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Feb 16, 2007
I hope I'm simply overlooking something, but I would like to comment that the TTVJ website does not seem to offer any information on which methods of payment are accepted. More than once, I've contemplated placing an order, and then found that to get any further with the process I have to create a new account--before I know if I can use my preferred method of payment.

Can anyone shed some light on how TTVJ's order and payment processing actually work so I can decide if I want to go ahead with an order?

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While I'm not sure all the methods of payment he accepts (I have only used my VISA), I am sure that if you call Todd at the number listed on the sticky above the posts on this forum, or e-mail him he will provide a clear answer to your question. I have done business with him for years and he always answers my questions very politely and in a cordial and timely matter. Hope this helps!

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Well here's a printscreen of their payment options.

OK, this helps a lot. I sent an e-mail inquiry using the website weeks ago and still haven't gotten a reply. Perhaps I'll have better luck sending an e-mail directly. I'd telephone, but I'm in Finland so that's not so practical. Thanks!
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Thanks, Todd. I sent you a direct e-mail yesterday. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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