Niimbus US8/US8+ DACs by Lake People
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Mar 17, 2011

The Niimbus US 8 and US8 + are the correspondive DACs to the US 4 / US 4+ headphone amps.





-both will feature a 3,2" IPS display guided menu with several options, which at the moment are:

  • input information
  • input selection
  • resampling setting and information
  • digital filter selection
  • volume control motor speed via remote
  • brightness level of the illumination / selection of the remote

Since this DAC will take a bit of time before it gets released the specs are early and NOT FINAL

preliminary specs:
  • 32-bit resampling / reclocking feature with 150 dB THD and 180 dB dynamic range
  • Clock source is the well known FEMTO-Clock with a phase-jitter as low as 90 x 10-15 sec.
  • -2 x AK44XX per channel = 4 DA converters per channel
  • sample rates over the USB input are up to 384 kHz, DSD signals are accepted up to DSD 256
  • both DACs include the Femto level reclocking of the DAT RS05 and the 24bit resampling/reclocking method of the Violectric V850 has been upgraded to 32Bit.

  • both DACs will feature 6 digital inputs: 1 x AES, 2 x Coax, 2 x Optical, 1 x USB
  • DAC US8+ also features 3 analog inputs: 1 x XLR balanced, 2 x RCA

special US8+ features:

  • the DAC US8+ also works as an analog preamp with the volume control in the analog domain
  • the analog outputs can also be levelled by the well known pre-gain feature accessible from the back
  • a “Direct Modeshortens the analog output part to enhance the dynamic range and the volume control is back to 32bit digital
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Thanks for posting the specs Fegefeuer. I own the US4 Amp and were looking forward to the introduction of the US8/US8+.
I´m a bit surprised why there is no I²S/HDMI Input on the DAC and why has it such a "cheap" Chipset for the estimated pricepoint of 3k/5k€ for the US8/US8+.
The estimated DAC Chipset is used on 700€ DACs.
For the given pricepoint, i want to see (and hear) the best performing DAC possible.
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I don't think the AK4499EQ which is the favorite right now is actually cheap, nevertheless two of it.

About the inputs and specs which are far from final I can't say much. Let's ask @fdg
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Any idea if the dac chip is still going to be Burr-Brown, like what is used in the Violectric dacs ?
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On a much cheaper scale I currently use a Teac UD-505 (as a DAC-only because the amp portion is medium at best) which has a dual AK4497. I much prefer AKs over ESS and Schiit multibit DACs which in my taste sound too laid back. So if the Niimbus is going the AK route it has to be equipped with AK4499 or whatever highest available at the time it would be officially out.
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I have read earlier other threads where Fried mentioned he does not want to have LCD panels for dacs as LCDs don’t tend to last very long. It seems there is now a change of mind on Niimbus or he has found a solution in the form of a much longer-lasting LCD.

Lake People’s gear can typically last 15-20 years Fried has claimed and I believe him without any doubts. I currently own LP G103, LP RS05, Vio V850/V820 expecting them to be quite lasting and not giving much problems.
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He spoke about OLED's longevity.
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Now that CMA Audio have acquired LP and with their current focus on Violectric new gen, not sure if we will still get to see the US8/US8+ being launched in 2020.
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Wow! Didn't expect such thing.
Hey good to see you back in Head Fi after a long hiatus. Thanks for your earlier reco. Have been a proud owner of the RS05; together with V850/V280 combo; ever since. And my HD650 have scaled up so much ! Two thumbs-up !!
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