Nextdrive Spectra - anybody else got one?

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by neil74, Feb 4, 2018.
  1. neil74
    I picked one of these up, very impressed but whilst it is a step up from the razer dongle, for portable use the battery hit (11% per hour) plus the loss of inline controls does imo does make me question the value a little.

    Anyone else have one?
  2. kkl10
    This is more of a dedicated source components or portable source components topic than portable amps...

    More of a decent dac with a 'just to get by' amp from what I have gathered. It only outputs a meager 13mW at 300 Ohms.

    It's one of the minimalistic dac units I'm considering although I have a strong preference for units that integrate an amp capable of powering high impedance headphones. In which case, I still haven't seen anything more accomplished than a Dragonfly Red. I really like what I read about this Spectra dac, though. For easy to drive headphones it's probably ok as an all-in-one.
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  3. neil74
    Sorry was not sute where to put this!

    I ended up taking a punt. My comparison is to the Razer dongle on a pixel 2xl (which is imo pretty good compared to the standard google option) and on my momentum 2.0s it does sound better and is certainly louder. It is also louder than the quad dac on my V30. The only negative (given that this is intended as a portable device) is that the inline controls no longer work, battery hit is reasonable but is about 2x the normal rate. I guess I could start using a smart watch to control the phone but that would likely incur slightly more of a battery hit

    If I can track down a NASA engineer to hook up all the wiring I may try it on my iPhone too. I do have a DB Magix AC3 flute coming too for the iPhone so that will be in an interesting comparison.
  4. y0da_cod3r
    Hey, Did you got the DG Magix? how is it? Good?
  5. Ultrainferno
    Nathan is back with a review of the Spectra X, the original Spectra's highly awaited successor. Spectra X blows his mind with great benchmarks, low noise floor and basically all the performance of a mid or high-end DAP but for a fraction of the price, size, and complication.
  6. shigzeo Contributor
  7. pinoyman
    has anyone compared the SPECTRA X with the DragonFly RED?

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