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Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by poison shroom, Feb 22, 2009.
  1. Poison Shroom
    So, as I said in prior threads, I ordered a pair of Denon AH-D2000s.

    Now, as my main two sources, I'll my using my iPhone, and a Creative Zen (Micro? Its the credit-card sized version.) Anyway, I tend to use the iPhone more since I don't charge the Zen often enough.

    So, I don't know what's important to do next.
    I've seen a few of the portable rig threads so I'm kinda confused.

    Right now, I only want to spend another $100 for a amp/amp+cables.
    I've seen the dock line out plugs without cables ($50 seems like a lot for one, is there a DIY out there?) and after googling Black Dragon Cables I found out about moon-audio.com it seems recabling makes a difference for any headphone, even if they cost $20.

    So, thats my question, should I pick up a $30 CMoy or a FiiS' E5, and some cables, or just get a better $100 amp and wait for the cables? I need specifics on where to look etc. I don't mind reading, and I don't understand a lot besides good audio is a good thing. So, help! Please!
  2. mcspectre
    I say check out the buy-sell forum and find yourself a nice little amp for 100$ and get a cheap cable or dock from ebay...i think they'll really do the phones justice.

    The Fiio i'm sure we'll give you a lil boost in SQ but i dont think anything dramatic, but i mean for 20$ the Fiio is definitely worth a try and worse case just gift it or sell it...
  3. dallan Contributor
    Those are the headphones i heard when picking up my amp and they are wonderful, congratulations! I agree with above, amp first then worry about the cables.
  4. Poison Shroom
    Okay thanks for the help guys, and I glad you like the cans.
    I've bought headphones (well shure earbuds) for my last two birthdays, and as much as I love them I figured cans are the way to go with sound quality and whatnot.

    I'll go check out the forums now just to get an idea.
    Thanks again, nice quick responses.

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