Next step to take?
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Jul 14, 2005
I think I need some good hard advice (perhaps councilling). I've been using my Audigy 2ZS for a fair while now, but now I'm starting to feel that something's lacking. I've currently got my HD600/HF-1's wired into a Gilmore Lite, which is then directed to the Audigy 2ZS.

I'm considering an upgrade of source, as you've probably guessed. I use the computer primarily for music listening... and in any case I don't intend to go beyond the 2.1 speaker realm as of yet, so I don't require 7.1 capable sound. Should I upgrade my soundcard to an X-Fi Xtreme Music, or should I go for the recently released Silverstone EB01 USB DAC? I've specifically restricted my budget to that region.

Oh, I think it might be useful to add that most of the music I listen to is in 320, with a scattering of 192. I'm pretty sure I'll hear some kind of difference with either upgrade, right?

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