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Mar 13, 2007
Okay, I've already posted a thread about headphones which was helpful, and now I have questions about PC sound cards. I currently use my on-board. I have Legacy and SoundMAX drivers for it - whatever that means. I'd like some opinions on a decent card to buy for under 120 dollars? I've been looking at X-fi cards. I do a lot of electronic music, indie, oldies.

Also, my other question is: I have headphones, a mic, and a set of speakers[Logitech x-230]. In an ideal situation, I'd like to be able to have all of them plugged in at the same time. Not to be used at the same time, but so I don't have to keep unplugging and plugging stuff in. For some reason, when I plug my current crappy headphones into my Logitech speakers, it lacks in sound quality, so I'm under the impression that plugging it straight into my computer would change this, but feel free to correct me. Anyhow, What would this setup require?
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Aug 25, 2001
There are many cheap sound cards out there right now that have reasonable outputs. Chaintech AV710 is suppose to be good for the price. Lately, people seem to be more satisfied with Creative products.

Plugging headphones straight into a sound card is OK but can be inconvenient. For the most part, you may encounter constant line noise from the computer and fiddling with the software volume control may not be your preferred work flow. I suggest connecting your sound card to a receiver or headphone amp instead.

To alleviate the problem of plugging and unplugging adapters, you can try looking for a cheap audio switch box. Some hobby electronic stores may sell some cheap solutions instead of the overly-priced home theater solution. If worse comes to worse, you can try building your own, but probably not worth the trouble if you are not already familiar with a soldering iron.
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Jan 30, 2007
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For gaming I would go with a X-Fi XtremeGamer or XtremeMusic. For Phones/music listening, many seem to use an USB Sound Card or USB DAC & Amp.

If you got the cash, I think the X-Fi Platinum is a good for both. It can do 5.1 out the back, and dedicated phone jack in the front panel.

Or XtremeGamer and a AV-710, but I could not get my AV-710 & SB Live! 5.1 to work together.

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