Newbie In Ear Recommendations use with Hiby R6 Pro DAP- Balanced?
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Sep 11, 2019
Vermont, USA
Hi there. Long time audiophile/music lover here that is just discovering high definition digital audio. My main question is about IEMs (I think that's right?) in-ear plugs/buds to use with the balanced output of my new DAP. Let me provide some context/use/budget...may be a short timeline of my adventure so far...

I won a pair of KLH Ultimate One over ear headphones with beautiful ebony ear cups in a promo from Worldwide Stereo in PA. I liked the sound with my Yamaha RX-870 and my CD collection that is ripped to FLAC files on a Brennan B2 w/ 1TB storage and optical to the Yamaha receiver. My usual speaker listening is across (4) Klipsch tower reference speakers plus a pair of Klipsch bookshelf speakers and a Boston Acoustic Center and Paradigm sub.

I wanted to use them around the house and out on my deck etc., so I ordered an inexpensive Fiio A5 headphone amp to use with my Samsung Note 9...liking the sound a lot so far. The I got the bug to look for a better source, and I found the Hiby R6 Pro and researched it extensively...I'm a long time Android and I jumped in and ordered the R6 Pro which arrives today.

Then I set about investigation how good the FLAC files I have are, what bit rate they are (16 bit limited in ripping from CD I think?). I rip with the Brennan usually but am experimenting with dBPoweramp's CD Ripper on Windows 10 too. So I have a bunch of pretty good FLACs and then I went out and bought some remastered music online that appears to be 24 bit (?), also bought a DSD version of includes Clash Sandinista, Talking Heads More Songs..., Peter Gabriel Secret World, stuff like that. I plan to load a variety of FLAC files on a 512GB Micro SD Card I have for the R6 Pro...FWIW a lot of my listening is to soundboard recordings of live performances...many older from the Grateful Dead, Rolling Stones, The Cure, R.E.M., etc.

So now I've come to want a more portable set up...when I fly, head out in the woods to hike or just chill on the couch. I know very little about the benefits of the balanced output...I've just stared reading about IEMs, balanced armatures, and nice, soft, braided/balanced cords (Think the R6 includes a cord?). Wow, there are a lot of IEMs in a massive price range, Am thinking my budget for a first pair of them is under $400. I'd welcome suggestions of models I would enjoy. Could be less expensive to start with too...the 'free' KLH headphones have already set off a $1,000 unplanned shopping spree for the DAP and some HD tunes.

My previous in-ear experiences have been limited to Beats in-ear phones with a smart phone, Samsung Galaxy earbuds etc. I will keep reading and absorbing...I did start to work my way through the three IEM Buying guides here...sort of hard to tell what is current though...lot of content seems to be from 2014? Anyway...appreciate some gentle direction for a newbie on this. Can't wait to get my hands on the Hiby R6 Pro today.

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Have not heard the Ultimate One, so can't really say on that one. That said, in this price range there are, like, a million options, depending on all kinds of variables and, of course, especially depending on sound signature preference. One you might want to consider, though, in my opinion is the Campfire IO. Maybe read bout it and see what you think. It might work.

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