Newbie Help: DAP and SD cards
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Jan 31, 2011
Howdy Ladies and Gents.
So my 5th gen iPod classic (with rockbox) just died and now I'm looking for another high capacity DAP to fork money out for.
As a non-fan of Apple (Antiappleism?), the thought of purchasing a new Classic just, well, nauseates me.  Alternatively, I'd be much happier getting a DAP which has better audio and smaller capacity along with a 64gb SD card.
However, after looking through some past threads, I'm bemused as to how to go about this?
-  Firstly, can someone run through the basics of SD cards (and micro?) and tell me what I need to know about them in a concise, idiot-proof manner?  
-  Secondly, are there many compatibility issues I need to know about?
-  Thirdly, can you recommend and memory cards?
-  Finally, are there any DAPs you could also recommend/combinations of memory cards and DAPs?  (I was looking at the Cowon D20, thoughts?)
In summation then,  I need a DAP and SD card.  CAN YOU HELP!?
Thanks plenty for any help peeps and please use as simple terminology etc. as possible.  

I think you only have a couple legit options available in that price range, but I am sure someone will chime in with a couple more options like one of the Cowon players with which I am not familiar.
1) Sansa Clip+ - the low budget option.  Throw Rockbox on it and have a heck of a player with 64GB for less than $75(USD);
2) Colorfly C3 - the more expensive and better sounding option.  The UI is spartan, but you can't argue with the sound quality.  You can get a C3 and 64GB for less than $150(USD); or
3) Wait it out for one of the Fiio x3 players.  That could be a couple months off...

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