Newb Here have a few q's after lurking and reading for a few weeks.
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New Head-Fier
Sep 23, 2013
Hello all,  I am new to higher end audio. If you can call it good, all I have had is a few pairs of skullcandy what ever you get from a big box store. I have recently come across some Sennheiser hd600. They sound some much better than the other stuff I have used. After reading here I am not really even using them right, so that brings me to this. I have looked around read a ton this is where I am looking to start, I have a limited budget but I am looking at, dac's amps to run the sennie's and then a IEM, and dac's amp's portable for when I am at work and commute and to get away from life. Below is what I have. 
linux pc 
nexus 4 (No usb audio out, with out mod) but can amp, and it does play my flac files.)
ipod 4 
skullcandy titan, 50/50
*****Sound is subjective to each person, so I know what might be right for one might not be for me that is why I am not asking for the best of this and that, just options, and ideas for stuff that i have not read about yet or might have over looked.*********** 
Bands and genre:  Perez Prado, tool , daft punk, Volbeat, Johnny Cash, doors , iron maiden, underworld, limited rap.  
I really like hard hitting bass that hits hard like aerial bombs on fourth of july. but then I like the booming bass of Beastie Boys Intergalactic. Then there is the hard hitting guitar of tool. man I am all over the spektrum.    
What I was looking at for a starting point. 
1. desktop: 
usb out from linux pc to o2/odac jdslabs to hd600. 
I was looking at this for a nice desktop starting point, then possible moving to a Schitt bifrost and Valhalla. Possible Ray Samuels amp dacs desktop and port. 
Still unsure if I need a better source, more on that to come.  
2. Portable:
From what I have read is spend the money on speakers first. I was looking at custom Iem but wife was like hell no. ( I showed here the cost for JH and UM Merlins) So I am left with some universal in ear. I have read alot about Shure and Westone, leaning to westone um3x and or 4r.  Are there any others, I did read some stuff on Heir, and 1964 but they all looked custom. 
amp: I was looking at (again) jds lbs C5 , fiio f17 lots of users seem to have. are there any other amps in that range to possible look at. 
dac: Nots sure was thinking Dx50 as source and dac. 
Source:  ipod, nexus 4,  dx50.  I know limitations of nexus 4, really have not read much about ipod, read lot about dx50 , ak100,120 ( out of my range but nice), fiio  something, colorfly c3. Please guide me or say homework complete just choose.  
3. Source:
As I stated in the portable source that is where I am at and looking for. For desktop it seems that some of the higher end portable stuff is just as good if not better than most desktop stuff, or am i just way off. Please inform me on desktop sources. 
That is about it, all help and comments welcome,  learn me some audio.  Oh and cables that will be for another time. 
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HD600s are great headphones,but they have never been accused of having hard hitting bass....

If youre on a limited budget just get the HiFi M8 amp/DAC and use it for both portable and desktop,yeah its not cheap but it will serve the purpose of 2 drives the HD600s without flinching with plenty of volume headroom and has 3 bass boost options...but im confused why you chose an HD600 if youre into heavy bass.
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The hd600 where given to me for free. I had no idea what they were until I started to do some research. With them not being bass heavy I am sure that will be fine. They where all ready light years above the skull candy stuff I have owned.
Thanks for your reply.
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Reading about the hifiman now. It looks great. As for the love of bass I sometimes like it strong when it suits the mood. The HD 600 let me hear stuff I have never heard before.

Is there a FAQ about headphone ohm's and why they very so much?
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Ok, after reading about the HiFi m8 and seeing the cost I am leaning towards Schitt, Bifrost and Valhalla for just a little more. One of the concerns is that I read the hd600 needs power! Is the Valhalla going to be enough? Any thoughts?

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