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New Vsonic VS Series

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  1. kova4a
    Here we goooo!!!
    VS1 - circa $30
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    VS9 - comes with silver cable while the others are spc, versions:magnesium alloy + resin combination, titanium alloy aluminum alloy + resin combination
    circa $220 (although take in consideration that prices are always higher outside the official tmall store)
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Couldn't get the pricing of the rest. Vsonic'S CEO actually was streaming live answering question about the new models, so I watched him for a bit too see if he shows the actual units, but I was too busy with work and missed most of it, not to mention that I don't really know Chinese, so now we'll have to wait for more info about the new drivers and such

    Honestly, the VS7 looks the best IMO. I wish the VS9 looked like it or at least had a transparent version with metal plates.

    All other vsonic models are apparently discontinued aside from the Ares (which now apparently is called gr08), the VS X (the gr07x upgrade, which now crazily is one of the most expensive vsonics at $300+ discounted from 460 bucks
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2018
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  2. mochill
    Vs9 looking sexy, any news about driver and material
  3. kova4a
    Like I said, I missed the Q&A. All I know is that they are new generation of drivers, which tells us nothing, but I'm sure that in the coming days we'll have more info and possibly specs. Btw, there is not VS5, because apparently the upcoming vsonic portable headphones will be VS5. VS9 is not bad and I'll probably buy it first, but I really dig the all clear VS7 a lot more
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  4. mochifi
    I'm really digging the colours of the VS3, 7 and 9. Well, they look good in the renders at least!
  5. jant71
    After the VSD's they couldn't come up with anything better than dropping just the "D". :) If you are going with the changes aiming for a new start. Better build, discontinuing the old stuff, proclaiming you upped the SQ so much then don't go with similar model #'s to associate with the old and you could have also avoided the 2 VS5's problem in the first place.

    They do look good so far. Real life pics should be interesting.

    Where does the VS7 sit as far as price though? If $129 or $139 then they have no model from $30 to $139?? VSD5 was popular at it's price point.
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2018
  6. Holypal
    Hope VS7 and VS9 have detachable cable.
  7. kova4a
    Well,maybe the will be better spaced apart = something like vs1 for 30, vs3 for 60-70, vs7 for 100-120 and the vsd9.

    They do. I'm not sure about vs1, but the rest do - seem to be standard 2-pin connector
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2018
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  8. Holypal
    Great. I just saw that VS7 MSRP at 699 CNY, ~$100
  9. Holypal
    VS7 uses carbon-nanotube drivers. VS9 has all new drivers. Don't know the details yet.
  10. jant71
    Cool. Makes some sense if they changed it up from $30/$45/$69 and went $30/$65/$99 and then the flagship of the line. I'm sure they learned from having the VSD1 then VSD2 and VSD3 so close together price-wise.

    I'm sure interested to hear the ARES/GR08 vs. VSD7 impressions if they both use the CNT driver.
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2018
  11. kova4a
    For me the pricing of the entry level models wan't the issue but rather all the confusion they created by releasing 2 versions of each model with barely audible differences. Not to mention the redundant vsd5s - at least the vsd5 was sufficiently different from vsd3/s to justify its existence and the price difference. vsd5s on the other hand was just a vsd3s with a lot more upper treble and the almost double price was definitely not justified when more 15 bucks could get you a gr07.

    As far as the Ares goes - a lot of people said it was too warm and bassy, not to mention its weird housing that would stick out of your ears. I personally heard only the cnt implementation in the gr07ae and while it did offer a more natural tone and timbre without peakiness in the treble, it did sacrifice some openness and clarity in comparison to the standard gr07. So while it was indeed an upgrade again I couldn't justify the $100 difference from the standard gr07. I guess vsonic did realise that too as they cut its price almost in half and it has been on sale for 100 bucks at the official tmall store for months (even though the international resellers continue to act stupid and keep the prices high), which makes it a great buy if you live in China.

    Anyway, just because another model might use cnt drivers doesn't mean the drivers are the same or that they'll sound the same, but will find out soon. In the end, for me vsonic is one of the few companies that has been consistently producing better sounding products, which are hard to fault given their price.
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2018
  12. Thearcade12
    Really interested in the upgraded VS X, only thing that worries me is the poor built quality of Vsonics.
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  13. kova4a
    Well, it does use the latest materials as the gr07 2018 series, but there used to be this sale where for 220 bucks or so, one vould get a vsonic ares + gr07w + vs x. So in a world where the vs x was free, I can never force myself to pay 350 bucks for it now.
  14. ForceMajeure
    All renderings look like some KZ ZST shell or TFZ

  15. Thearcade12
    I thought they just announced it yesterday. Then i saw it got released earlier. I never saw it on their official store on AliExpress. Seems like a China exclusive iem. Fixed cable is a bummer though and impedance is 80 ohm. I may get it if they offer a detachable version on AliExpress. I don't think that is happening anytime soon.
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