New VentureCraft SounDroid VANTAM Jazz Master Limited

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by ismewor, Aug 19, 2015.
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  1. ismewor
    Here is the official link:
    The official link has detail spec and this is their second release with VISHAY and DSD256. This one also limited to 100 units.
    My unit is on its way and will post some photos once available. and i will do a review on this DAC/AMPs as well.[​IMG]
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  2. qsk78
    Yes, please.
    I own a standard Vantam and it would be really interesting to hear about some other versions.
  3. ismewor
    Just got it today. Wow it just look gorgeous and here are some photos I saw I'll update.

    Review will follow.
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  4. nephilim32

    Ah man you got the Jazz!!!? That's so sweet. It looks awesome!! Great gold/bronze look. I love it.
    I just ordered the standard black edition, thought about the red (muse) edition, but I just like my standard black. :wink:
    Anyway, got my order from (buysmartjapan) where did you get yours?

    Cheers. :)
  5. nephilim32
    Hey guys. I'm happy to say that I put a nice dent in my wallet and got the VANTAM!!! :)

    I'm very excited and happy to be a part of the SOUNDROID family.

    This amp, I know, will be a considerable upgrade from well....this!!! :flushed:


    Anyway, look forward to corresponding with all of you here...I have a feeling this thread will grow cause the Vantam has so much to offer.

    Also, has anyone OPAMP' rolled yet? If so, please share.

    Thank you fellow audio addicts. :)
  6. qsk78
    By the way, to swap an op-amp do you need a special tool (does it come together with the op-amp?)?
  7. qsk78
    Congratulations! I really love this standard version as well!
  8. nephilim32

    Hey. Thanks a lot. :)
    I just received an email yesterday (fri sept 25) that my Vantam has shipped! I should receive it in the next 7-10 business days. It's coming from oversees, so it'll take some time. Lots to discuss soon. :)
  9. zenpunk
    Tried the standard version and I was really impressed by its capability and sound quality. I nearly bought one on the spot but found out battery life was really 4 hours.[​IMG]
    Does anybody know if that is still the case?
  10. qsk78
    Yes, 4-5 hours. This is ok for the sound quality it provides. I have had the sony pha-3 prior to Vantam - the same time, 4-5 hours. This is all about for how long you are out of the main supply. To me it does not make any problem at all since it can play during charging. 
  11. zachchen1996
    How do you order one in the US?
    I used to own the GO-DAP DD Limited and was very impressed with it. Definitely very interested in getting this!
  12. nephilim32
    Hello audio men!

    I got the Vantam in mail from buysmartjapan. Everything worked out great and I felt the shipping speed was first rate. Today is OCT/2nd and I've spent 3 nights with this amp/DAC.
    Impressions (briefly)
    Sound quality: this Vantam is that of first rate. I love it, especially used as a line in connection to your players so the amp/DAC are both used and functional. However, the use of the i-amp through the digital in connection via USB is not to my tastes. I appreciate all the options and PCM up sampling of your music, digital filters and the option of an extra gain setting for on the go use with your player, but the fact remains that this is a digital connection and the use of the DAC in the unit is not being used. I can't take music listening (especially for long periods of time) with a straight digital connection. It fatigues my ears very quickly. My ears are sensitive to that "digital edge" if you will.
    Although I do appreciate the option and the compatibility.

    Functionality: very good with any player you throw at it. I used a couple of I pod nanos (2nd and 4th gen) and an I phone 4s as well as a regular CD player just to test a true lossless codec with certainty. A wonderful experience. I even find 256KPS is actually more than enough, but of course my favourite is still 16/48 lossless (ALAC) for apple devices. The Vantam with the line in connection to your player recognizes that sample rate very well. However!! Battery life!!! Oh here is the killer and ruins a lot of the portable experience. It's short...I mean real short! I get 3 hrs tops. I am not kidding, which is why I got a power bank for on the go backup and I would totally recommend anyone who has this amp to do so. It's pathetic, and it's another reason why the amp runs so damn hot with in 10min of use. I recommend CITRIX. they make good USB micro power bank chargers.

    All in all, this is by far the best sounding amp that is portable that I've ever heard, and eventhough the battery life is pure rubbish it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make...thank god for power banks!

    Lastly, compatibility with my current headphones.

    Sony MDR Z7''s. --good, especially with lossless codecs and the line in connection.

    V-mota crossfades-- the Vantam brings these headphones to the best of their possible ability. Great with digital music mainly electronic. Good with I-amp and PCM up sampling.

    Blue mofi's: superior. :) these headphones have a built in analog amp, which allows you more volume flexibility and bass control. Best with the line in connection to ultilize the DAC. Plays every type of music very well even Prog rock. :wink:

    Sennheiser HD 800's-- not even close. The Vantam does not power these babies sufficiently but I thought I'd try! :wink:

    Overall, as good as the sound quality is I would not recommend this amp to anyone unless they are sitting by their computer and not a street hitter. The battery life is a killer and I also worry about the longevity of this amp due to how hot it gets in such a short period of time. For the price you pay for the Vantam, I'd recommend someone to get the cypher labs theorum 720 DAC. It's very well made and has 12+ hrs of playback and like the Vantam is apple certified or "made for I devices' so you can bypass the DAC and amp in any I player.

    Anyhow. Of course here are some pics. I tested every fuction except the DSD playback. I don't have it but I probably wouldn't like it anyway...too freakin bright IMO for my tastes.



  13. qsk78
    I have changed the op-amp on my Vantam. OPA627BM now!
    2015-12-2716-50-142.jpg   2015-12-2716-11-162.jpg   2015-12-2716-10-062.jpg
    2015-12-2716-15-222.jpg   2015-12-2716-31-302.jpg   2015-12-2716-17-242.jpg
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  14. nephilim32
    That is freakin awesome. :wink:
    Look forward to hearing your impressions of the OPA's sound signature.
  15. qsk78
    Well, today I have just Rockets with me. And I'm not sure if Rockets are the best IEM to make the comparison. They are close to neutral but lacking some treble extension and not much of sub-bass. Anyway, I hear improvements everywhere, more bass weight and texture, more details in treble, less warm than the original LE. More solid and engaging sound overall.
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