New USB Dac and others stuffs
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May 31, 2008
Hello all,

Just a short post to show you my USB dac based on PCM2707.

It's a simple design, mainly inspired by the T.I. datasheet, but I am quite happy with it.



Sorry for the poor picture quality ...

I plan to make a more advance version, using a separate power supply and an external dac chip (not the integrated one).
I plan also to make a amplifier. I have almost finished the prototype, I need to find some parts.

If someone is interested in helping me, I am looking for help in :

- USB dac schematic/parts definition/layout
- USB dac case integration (with power supply if possible)
- Amplifier prototyping and test
- Amplifier layout and case integration (also with power supply in it can be done in a clean way)

I have already some ideas that can be discussed :

- USB dac
* using a PLL with a good quality clock (for example: PLL1700 from TI with a VCXO)
* using two good dac chip in mono mode (like PCM1704)
* using isolator between each stage

- Amplifier
* using a PGA23xx for the volume control, with a µC and a pot to set the volume, in order to reduce wiring and trace length

If you are interested, I can already put the schematic and the layout of the amplifier.


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