New tunable headphones from Digital Designs
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Oct 6, 2008
DD has been working on a new pair of phones for a little bit, i believe they have started shipping, direct price is $59, msrp is 119, so price seems pretty decent

DD is a high-end SPL car audio manufacture for subs, amps etc, they recently started digging into some new stuff with pro-ish type audio and some home audio stuff, and then they realeased these,they say they are tunable where you can block the 8 different holes inside the driver to alter the Q to make the bass more punchy or even seal it off, dont know too much about them really, i would expect them to have a good bit of bass and get loud coming from them, but i just bought a set of SA6's so wont be able to try these out now, but maybe some others can, heres the link to read up some more on them

Digital Designs Home and Pro Audio
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how do u get the direct price? just get from DD?
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no idea, but i would assume so, might have to shoot them an email

a guy has a pair on a different forum, ill get some pics soon
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Tuning vents.

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Interesting! These guys are SPL monsters making subwoofers at least, I wonder how these IEMs sound?
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Oh my...

"There are tons of earbuds on the market, so why buy these? Buy these because you are serious about saving the planet. Bass makes the world go round, we at DD are dedicated to keeping the world going round. So, do your part, Buy DD, Save the Planet."

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I love their advertisement / webpage :) They seem to be having fun and I like their attitude about customizing the sound to meet individual needs, and if they do sound good the $59 price tag is music to my ears as well.
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Originally Posted by dosley01 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
These look an awful lot like a re-worked or tweaked pair of Sony MDR-EX70/71s.

they actually remind me a lot of the qualia earbuds whic were based off teh ex70/ex71s a few years back.

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