New to audio Hi-Fi set up, Invest in a Center Speaker or Subwoofer for just Audio?
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Jan 18, 2020
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I recently started my Hi-Fi journey, I started with a Insignia Receiver, and Sony SS-CS5 Bookshelf speakers. I'm pretty blown away with the set up and the audio quality sounds stellar. To keep it in the Sony family of speakers, I want to add to the set-up but here's my problem: my receiver has only A & B inputs for speakers, so I can only choose one or the other: Center Speaker or Subwoofer.

From what I can tell, the Center speaker is best for dialogue or movies, which I'm not running off of since I'm only using the set-up for audio only. To add to that, this set-up is in my bedroom, not a home theater, so the actual room space is pretty small and I'm pretty up close to the speaker set-up overall. So do I even bother with a Center speaker or is it unnecessary and just go for a Subwoofer since I'm only using it for audio?
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Subwoofer. And welcome to Head Fi!
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For strictly music. Subwoofer. Center is usually for movies. Make sure your sub integrates well with your speakers. I myself have hard time doing that as it seems to be somewhat complex and requires patience.

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