New sound card advice
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Mar 27, 2008
Having recently received my Beyerdynamic DT 990's and Pro-ject Head box Mk II amp I've come to painfully realise the limitations of the built in audio on my Gigabyte motherboard. This being said I'm in the market for a new sound card and in bad need of advice.

Previously it seemed that Creative was the only contender, but with the news surrounding their support for Vista or lack thereof they moved to being the only contender which is not an option.

So, I'll be using the card in a PC running Vista. I will be using it for music and gaming, though I don't need any fancy 3D effects. The budget is quite free, with a limit at ~150 euro.

I've been looking at the ASUS XONAR D2, Razer Baraccuda, Auzen X-plosion and various M-Audio cards, but it seems hopeless to find good reviews focusing on audio quality and especially to find comparisons. So, please help out with your experience and recommendations!
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Why not get a nice DAC or something as a usb sound card or w/e?

Possibly an option. I have read that people are having problems with sound cards connected via USB. Could an external DAC have the same problems?

How about traditional sound cards? I assume that there is plentyful experience around... Pls?

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