New Product: Solaris MJR Mini Jack to Stereo RCA Interconnect
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Dec 1, 2011
New Product
Solaris Collection
Solaris MJR Mini Jack to Stereo RCA Interconnect
Price: £27.99/1.2m. Custom lengths available – please enquire.

View it on the website here

We are very pleased to announce the expansion of the Solaris Collection of high quality portable/mini jack based interconnects with the MJR – an extremely useful and very high quality mini jack to stereo RCA interconnect. You can read the full product description in the blurb below.

The Solaris Collection contains our high quality mini jack and portable audio based interconnects and cables. It makes extensive use of high quality gold plated connectors and high end silver plated copper conductors. We believe that this collection offers superlative performance not to be dismissed due to the excellent value it offers.

The Solaris MJR fills the gap in the market for a superbly engineered mini jack to stereo RCA interconnect which offers an exceptional level of performance at a very competitive price. This interconnect is essential for ensuring maximum performance in your set up.

The cable benefits from our heaviest duty silver plated copper conductors with a low loss polyethylene dielectric. It is terminated with the same high quality gold plated mini jack as found in the Solaris II Collection and premium RCA connectors.

  1. Heavy duty gold plated connectors
  2. Large silver plated copper conductors with polyethylene dielectric
  3. Finished in a red woven jacket
  4. Available in custom lengths – please ask for pricing


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