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Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by Blinxat, May 12, 2018.
  1. Blinxat

    I recently built a new PC with AMD Ryzen 2700X on a MSI X470 Gaming Pro Carbon board. It was advertised as Alc1220 with amp and all the bells and whistles. .

    Turns out it is firstly only half as loud as my old gigabyte mobo and the treble above 10khz is smoothed off entirely. I turned off all the sound effects but it doesn't help.

    My DT770 is supposed to be a little bright on top. With this MSI board you don't notice it.

    On most other sources I have to EQ it down not up.

    Also even giving 16khz +12db makes almost zero difference.

    on my old mobo that would be ear piercing bright.

    so I guess I need a solution with neutral response!

    Do you guys think the Creative AE5 card would be a good choice?

    Or what other dac amp would be recommended up to 200€
  2. selvakumar

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